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This looks interesting .. based on a true story with the wonderful Jodie Comer. The Last Duel (2021). Trailer: Matt Damon, Adam Driver Face Off in Medieval. See the trailer below!

‘The Last Duel’ Summary/Plot

The Norman knight Jean de Carrouge, upon returning from the war, learns that his neighbor and rival Jacques Le Gris raped his wife Marguerite. However, Le Gris found strong allies, no one believes the woman’s words, and Carrouge turns personally to King Charles VI of France for help. After hearing all the evidence, the king decreed that the conflict should be resolved in a fair fight. The fate of not only Le Gris and Carrouge, but also the latter’s wife depends on the outcome of the battle. If her husband is defeated, she must be burned at the stake for false accusations.

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J-Fri @KidFate: I wonder if The Last Duel is gonna have a director’s cut when it comes to disc? I hope not. I hope in the chaos of the Fox merger that Ridley Scott was able to just make what he wanted and execs stayed tf away.

Second Summary:

The film tells the story of the Norman knight Jean de Carrouge, who returns home from the war and learns that his wife was raped by his neighbor Jacques Le Gris. To achieve justice, the man turns personally to the King of France Charles VI, who decides that the conflict should be resolved in a fair fight. The outcome of the battle will decide the fate of not only Carrouge, but also his wife, who, if defeated, will be burned at the stake for false accusations. The film stars Matt Damon (The Departed), Adam Driver (The Marriage Story), Jody Comer (Killing Eve), Ben Affleck (Gone Girl) and Harriet Walter (Atonement). Ridley Scott (Gladiator, Alien) directed the film. The painting is based on the book of the same name by Eric Jager about the last of the official legal battles in France, which took place in the 14th century at the court of King Charles VI.the-last-duel-2021-02

Another Summary:

Set in 14th century France, it’s a revenge story of two best friends. Damon and Affleck will play them. The main characters are the Norman knight Jean de Carrouges and the squire Jacques Le Gris.

They were friends. One goes to war and returns to accuse Le Gris of raping his wife Margerite de Carrouges. No one will believe the woman, and the soldier appeals to the king of France to undo a decision handed down by Count Pierre d’Anencon, which favored Le Gris.

The decision handed down is that the two men fight a duel to the death. The one left alive would be declared the winner as a sign of God’s will.

And if Jean de Carrouges loses, his wife will be burned at the stake for punishment for her false accusation.

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eyeswideshut @eyeswideshut75: i really really really wanted to like the Dune trailer. but i felt little. i watched The Last Duel trailer too and every trailer with that synthesised DUM DUM DUM DUM drum pounding needs to be banned from every film and trailer.

Oppinion #2

Jacob Randolph, @j_rhett: There are two pretty awesome-looking movies about the Middle Ages coming out soon: The Green Knight (heck yes) and The Last Duel.

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  1. The historical epic, which is based on actual events depicted in The Last Duel by Eric Jager, stars Oscar® winner Matt Damon and two-time Academy Award® nominee Adam Driver as quarreling lords, both of noble birth, whose grievances must be resolved in a duel to the death.


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